Thomas Leo Prairie – Architect is a full-service architectural firm located in Tucson, Arizona. We specialize in interior design, remodeling, and additions to existing homes which maintain the look and feel of the original architecture while updating the home to accommodate modern lifestyles and services.

The firm was established by Thomas Prairie in 1978, and in the past 42 years we have served a variety of clients in the private, public, and non-profit sector. Our work includes renovation, restoration, additions to, and new construction of private residences, multi-unit residences, commercial space, institutional and industrial spaces.

Each commission is approached individually and as a unique architectural opportunity. We provide innovative, cost effective, and elegant solutions to design challenges to achieve our client's goals. We maintain a small firm and keep our client's goals as the primary directive in our designs – and so we work very closely with our clients at every stage of the project: establishing the program and budget, working through as many design options as are needed, developing one to be bid on by contractors, and acting as the client's agent in managing the construction process.


Thomas Leo Prairie, AIA, NCARB, principal